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Which display is best for me?

Michael Kors retail display

A great sign is a great salesman – it talks about the best features of your product or service, it presents your brand in a positive and memorable way, and it entices people to make a buying decision. Choosing the right custom display for your needs involves several variables: what you’d like the finished product to look like, whether or not you’d like it wired for power, and how large you’d like your signage to be, just to name a few. If you aren’t sure where to start, consider these popular display types:

End Caps

End cap displays live at the end of main floor aisles or Point-of-Purchase (POP) displays. These are particularly valuable when you are running a promotion on a product; customers see these displays and the associated discounts and are more likely to drop the item in their cart as they’re shopping or waiting in line. These displays work well for products that are everyday staples and small items.

Wall-Mounted Retail Fixtures

A step up from sign holders, hold changeable placards on a wall or countertop, wall-mounted displays usually incorporate a method of displaying a product – hooks and pegs, lightweight movable “slat style” shelves, and so on. An all-in-one display and sales solution, they work best for smaller, lightweight items or accessories. These display types may be wired for lighting or multimedia components, such as auto-play video ads.

Countertop Retail Fixtures

If you’re hoping to catch your customers’ eyes on the way to the checkout counter, these fixtures are what you’re looking for. From impulse items to smart upsell components, they attract and promote your brand while putting quick sale products within arm’s reach. While these are often “analog,” they may have electric wiring or incorporated battery packs if the product requires them for demonstration.

Display Cases and Freestanding Fixtures

If your products are high value or have several variations, these display types give your customers ample space to browse. Providing a clear, clutter-free spotlight anywhere in your sales area, these can be moved around for promotions or store resets as necessary. Cases, in particular, can also reduce shrink by keeping your high-dollar items safely stored with high visibility and excellent internal lighting.

Permanent Retail Fixtures

Finally, custom displays in the form of permanent retail fixtures act as the backbone of your sales space. These custom displays are the most visually compelling way to establish store-wide branding, giving you a large surface area for logos, messages, and store directory information on or against your walls. Used in conjunction with smaller, variable signage, they help you achieve a unique retail aesthetic while giving your customers the cues, pricing, and sales promotions they need to start shopping.


Inserts can augment almost any display, combining aesthetic improvements and product capacity to make something particularly unique. The main benefits of inserts fall in line with the Tusco promise overall; we’re dedicated to finding the tailor-made fit and solution for your unique needs.

The right custom display for your store will require design decisions such as color, font, and images, as well as a trustworthy manufacturer that understands your needs. Tusco Display has the capabilities you’ve been looking for and the experience you deserve: contact us today to discover the power of custom store displays.

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