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Wire Forming

We produce intricate wire components quickly and without tooling costs.

Wire Forming Fabrication

When you have control of the foundational elements of your project, your end product is higher quality. That’s why Tusco offers in-house wire forming fabrication processes and capabilities. Because Tusco’s capabilities are in-house, we remain flexible and nimble. We enforce quality control of our manufacturing processes, and project communication remains direct. This is just one way to keep costs low and quality high as we handle critical project components.
Wire forming machinery at Tusco Manufacturing

Wire Forming is a Tusco Specialty

Wire forming transforms rolls of wires into useful finished product. Straightening, cutting, forming, and resistance welding of single wire, wire frame, and assemblies or complex grids have all become core competencies at Tusco.

With manufacturing experience comes not just the ability to deliver results according to project specifications, but also the knowledge to ask for the details that will ensure the job gets done well with minimal waste and cost.

We inventory bulk, bright basic, carbon steel wire from 12ga. to 5/16″ in diameter, which we fabricate with a wide range of available forming processes.

More on Our Processes and Machinery

With our wire forming, we can produce intricate wire components quickly and without tooling costs. Normally, these associated charges can quickly drive up project costs, which is why it’s so critical to develop streamlined processes before commencing a project. We use our AIM Model AFM3D1-TUF machine, which is a high-speed, CNC-controlled, 3-dimensional wire former. This model gives us maximum control over the finished product and machine maintenance, which ensures that raw materials are handled with care and precision.

We employ rocker arm welders, press welders, and three separate CNC-controlled resistance welding cells. Using machinery and tools regularly and consistently elevates the control we have over the quality of the finished product. For you, this means that we can meet your specifications easily, quickly, and at lower costs.

Other Manufacturing Capabilities

Metal Tube Fabrication

Fabricated tube assemblies are custom formed and joined.

Plastic Fabrication

Custom cut, shaped, or fabricated plastic components provide mixed-media dimension.