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Sporting Goods Displays

Sporting goods are an integral part of our communities and it’s imperative to stand out from other brands in store.

The Importance of Sporting Goods Displays

Sporting goods have always been a necessity for children and families participating in sports programs – both at school and in the community. The pandemic took that a step farther as many consumers purchased additional sporting goods for home use. In 2020 alone, sporting goods sales amounted to roughly 53 billion dollars in U.S. sales

Customers often need to see their goods before deciding to buy, particularly if they use those goods in a competitive capacity. They need to make sure the products they’re interested in will interact well with their bodies. They need to interact with the materials to come to trust both their quality and their performance. Tusco supports your brand by building displays that stand out from the other brands in a retail space and invites customers to explore your products.

Woman holding skis in a sporting goods store

Types of Sporting Goods Displays

Sporting goods stores can benefit from various types of displays that effectively showcase their products and attract customers. Here are some display options that Tusco can assist you in developing for your sporting goods brand:

Wall-Mounted Shelving

Install sturdy wall-mounted shelves to display items such as sports equipment, apparel, shoes, and accessories. These shelves allow for easy organization and visibility of products.

Freestanding Shelving Units

Use freestanding shelving units throughout the store to create designated sections for different sports or categories. This enables customers to browse items conveniently.

Gridwall Displays

Gridwall panels provide versatile display options. You can hang hooks, shelves, or baskets to showcase smaller items like gloves, balls, or accessories. Gridwall displays can be easily rearranged to accommodate changing product assortments.

Slatwall Displays

Slatwall panels with slotted grooves are ideal for hanging various types of hooks, brackets, or hangers. This type of display is great for hanging items like clothing, hats, or bags.

Mannequins & Forms

Use mannequins or display forms to showcase sports apparel and uniforms. Dress them in complete outfits to demonstrate how the items can be worn or used together.

Feature Walls

Create visually appealing feature walls to highlight specific products or promotions. Use attractive signage, large graphics, or video displays to draw attention to new releases, popular products, or upcoming events.

Product Demo Areas

Dedicate a designated area for product demonstrations, allowing customers to try out equipment, test gear, or experience interactive features. This helps customers engage with the products and make informed purchasing decisions.

Digital Displays

Incorporate digital displays throughout the store to showcase promotional videos, highlight product features, or provide educational content related to sports and fitness. These displays can attract attention and enhance the shopping experience.

Endcaps & Gondolas

Utilize end caps and gondola displays strategically placed at the end of aisles to showcase featured or seasonal items. These displays can increase impulse purchases and drive customer interest.

Interactive Screens

Install touchscreens or tablets where customers can explore product details, compare options, or access additional information. These interactive displays can enhance customer engagement and provide a wealth of product knowledge.

Custom Retail Displays

Remember, while selecting displays for your sporting goods store, consider the store layout, product assortment, and target audience. The goal is to create an organized, visually appealing, and immersive shopping experience that showcases your products effectively.

Working with Tusco

Tusco’s unique DARE process allows us to tailor your displays to your needs – creating a completely custom solution for your product needs. This includes incorporating interactive features to allow potential customers to touch, test, and try out your sporting goods products.