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Benefits of Warehousing and Shipping as a Value-Added Service

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Finding a manufacturing partner for your metal fabrication projects is a complex process with much to consider. A key factor that can impact your experience and your total costs that many may not consider is a warehousing and shipping service. Recent industry trends impacting manufacturing efficiency and costs can provide insight into the value you receive from these additional services.

What are Warehouse and Shipping Services

The services offered by a metal fabricator can be minimal or robust, so you will need to understand what is offered to compare and appreciate the value derived from one service over another. How they play into your supply chain and processes will make a difference in the value you receive.

At TuscoMFG, we offer robust warehousing, shipping, and distribution services, going beyond manufacturing to ensure your product reaches its destination smoothly. We provide reliable warehousing with regular inventory reports, ensuring your product is always ready to ship. We process shipping orders within the day and use top carriers like UPS and FedEx for speedy delivery. And if you need broader logistics support, we act as your extended arm, handling everything from packing and loading to distribution and delivery through our trusted network of partners. From production to your customer’s doorstep, we have your supply chain covered.

Manufacturing Trends and the Value of Warehousing And Shipping

The pandemic created challenges across industries, and the remnants of those challenges continue to impact manufacturers. High inflation and interest rates, workforce shortages, reshoring efforts, and time compression are just a few. While warehousing and shipping service can’t eliminate these challenges, they do lend themselves to be a valuable part of a mitigation strategy.

  • High inflation and interest rates – High inflation and high interest rates remove money from your bottom line. Many companies reacted to supply chain issues during the pandemic by changing processes to include stockpiling inventory. The subsequent high inflation and rising interest rates have increased inventory holding costs (e.g., warehouse, equipment, depreciation, insurance, etc.). In addition, reduced spending at times may result in demand fluctuation. When we hold your inventory and ship as needed, your material holding costs are significantly reduced. In addition to reduced capital expenditures, you can reduce warehouse management and distribution costs. You also have the ability to react to fluctuating market demand without having products on backorder, creating supply chain flexibility and stability.

  • Workforce shortages – No matter what industry you are in or where you are located, workforce shortages are a reality. This is particularly true for skilled labor. To keep pace with manufacturing needs, many companies have placed significant emphasis on reskilling the workforce and backfilling these critically needed skilled positions. Then, of course, those positions that require less skill, such as warehouse and shipping workers, need to be filled. While it may be easier than filling a skilled position, an overall shortage of workers impacts every level of employment.

    This is where our warehousing and shipping services can help. Let our staff handle your sheet metal inventory and ship it directly to its recipient. This frees your team members to be trained as skilled labor, putting less strain on your already stretched workforce.

  • Reshoring production – With a focus on supply chain resilience, we’re seeing a trend of bringing production closer to home. This helps reduce dependencies on foreign suppliers and mitigates supply chain disruptions. There are logistical challenges with reshoring as you restructure your supply chain, but having a local metal fabrication partner that offers warehousing and shipping can lessen the burden.

    When reshoring, you can leverage our efficient warehousing, shipping, and distribution services as an essential component for managing your supply chain. Our services will reduce lead times, improve inventory management, and ensure faster delivery, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

  • Time compression – Modern businesses always seek to remove time from processes. The adage “time is money” is understood across industries. Increasing efficiency and decreasing lead times are two ways that warehousing and shipping services can do this for you. Products flow from fabrication, assembly, or secondary operations to packaging and warehousing or shipping. When everything is done in one location, your products can go directly to your customer with no intermediate stops that need to be scheduled or decrease efficiency.

Trust Your Sheet Metal Projects To Us

When you trust your sheet metal project to us, you not only get a well-designed quality part, but you may qualify to take advantage of our warehousing and shipping services. To reiterate, they include:

  • Inventory handling
  • Regular inventory reports
  • Drop-shipping throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico
  • Same-day order processing
  • Electronic tracking

Additionally, we can act as an arm of your logistics operations by providing distribution services through our trusted partners.

Contact us to discuss your next metal fabrication project.

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