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Short & Medium Run Time

Short and medium run orders are our speciality. We focus on efficient flow to meet your time constraints every time.

Short and Medium Run Time

Our in-house manufacturing capabilities differentiate us from our competitors. We pride ourselves on being reliable partners in manufacturing, which requires transparency. By sharing and reviewing our processes with our partners, we help maximize the time and cost efficiency of both your short and medium run orders.

Three critical points should be top of mind when considering our manufacturing and its efficiency:


The key to short and medium run orders is flow.

At Tusco, we believe this is the most important consideration when evaluating a manufacturing partner’s processes. Completing production orders on time, on spec, and on budget are our guiding values. We closely review and evaluate the steps of every project to create the best flow and least downtime between our plant processes. One significant factor is a project’s Takt time.

Takt time is the average time that can be permitted between the start of production of one unit and the start of the next unit. It’s calculated by dividing the total available time by the customer demand, in product units. “Takt” is German for rhythm, which is fitting because Takt time is the rate at which product needs to be made.


Customers succeed when the process has a flow.

High volume is not the threshold for efficient manufacturing of short and medium run orders. Optimizing flow has a greater impact on the net production results. When well-optimized, short and medium run orders can be better for cash flow, staffing, and project planning.

We use technology as much as possible to make our flow efficient. For example, precision sheet metal manufacturing involves a lot of detailed techniques to cut, shape, and finish parts. Using state-of-the-art machinery allows for reliable automation, with each new technology ushering in more efficiency.


Flexibility is always a priority for us.

We match our flow to our clients’ evolving needs. For a recent client, we produced 75 sophisticated merchandisers, comprised of many materials and processes. After the client gained some in-store insights, we made 100 updated merchandisers. At the final step, we produced 1000+ merchandisers; thereby, precisely delivering what both the brand and the retailer needed.

We work with you to make sure our production flow meets your needs and produces the best product possible.