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Our certified MIG and TIG welders are supplemented by robotic welders.

Aluminum or steel, TIG or MIG process, proficient manual welding is a specialty – and an art – at Tusco.

We consider welding to be both a science and an art. For automated component production, Tusco employs the science of sophisticated robotic welders. But many custom projects require the addition of a professional human touch, and other manufacturers envy the welding experience we have in-house. Tusco’s precision approach supplies confidence by utilizing rocker arm welders, press-type spot welders, and CNC resistance welding cells to get the job done right.
Welding at Tusco Manufacturing and Fabrication

Other Manufacturing Capabilities

Metal Tube Fabrication

Fabricated tube assemblies are custom formed and joined.

Wire Forming

We produce intricate wire components quickly and without tooling costs.

Plastic Fabrication

Custom cut, shaped, or fabricated plastic components provide mixed-media dimension.