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Pet & Animal Health Displays

Custom displays can set your products apart in the crowded pet and animal health space.

The Importance of Footwear Displays

Pets are undeniably an integral part of many of our families. Forbes Advisor estimates that as of 2023, 66% of US households own a pet – up from 56% in 1988. Understandably, the growth in pet ownership means increased spending per pet in areas like food, grooming, accessories, and other specialized premium products. Since pet owners treat their pets like family, they spend accordingly. The innovation in the pet and animal product segment is growing, which gives companies unique opportunities to showcase their products.

Dog sitting on the floor in a pet store with shelves in the background

Types of Pet & Animal Health Displays

There are several types of pet and animal health retail displays that can be used to showcase products and attract customers. Here are a few examples:

Wall-mounted Shelving

This is a common type of display that consists of shelves mounted on the wall to hold various products such as pet food, treats, supplements, and grooming supplies. It allows for easy browsing and can be organized by product category or brand.

Freestanding Floor Displays

These displays are standalone units that can be placed anywhere in the store. They often feature shelves, hooks, or baskets to hold products and can be used to highlight new or promotional items. Freestanding displays can be designed in various shapes and sizes to match the store’s layout and theme.

Endcap Displays

Located at the end of store aisles, endcap displays are highly visible and attract attention. They are typically larger and more elaborate than regular shelving units and can be used to showcase seasonal or high-demand items. Endcaps can be designed with eye-catching graphics and signage to draw customers in.

Countertop Displays

Placed on checkout counters or other prominent locations, countertop displays are smaller in size but can still make an impact. They are ideal for displaying small products such as pet toys, accessories, or impulse items like treats. Countertop displays should be designed to maximize visibility and encourage last-minute purchases.

Interactive Displays

These displays engage customers by offering interactive elements. For example, touchscreens or tablets can be integrated into displays to provide information about different products, offer pet care tips, or allow customers to browse through a catalog. Interactive displays can create an immersive experience and enhance customer engagement.

Product Specific Displays

Some pet and animal health retail stores may choose to create specialized displays for specific products or brands. For example, a display dedicated to natural or organic pet food, a display featuring dental care products, or a display showcasing a particular brand’s new line of products. These displays help highlight key offerings and cater to specific customer needs.

Custom Retail Displays

Remember, the design and layout of retail displays should be visually appealing, easy to navigate, and well-organized. They should also align with the store’s branding and target audience.

Working with Tusco

No two client situations are the same. Our experience with pet and animal health displays lays the foundation to address your specific needs. We pride ourselves on being your accountable, one-stop-shop for the design and production of your next project. At Tusco, we take the initiative to go above and beyond expectations.