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Hardware & Hand Tool Displays

Hardware and hand tool brands must set themselves apart to attract savvy consumers.

The Importance of Hardware & Hand Tool Displays

Reaching DIY homeowners should be a top priority for hardware and hand tool brands. There have been increases in home improvement-related sales and the revitalization of hobbies which use hand tools throughout the Covid pandemic. According to FactMR, the global mechanical hand tools market is valued at US $16.9 billion in 2023 and is projected to reach US $27.5 billion by 2033. The growth of this market has led to the creation of even more sophisticated products for the home consumers to utilize. Making your brand stand apart is imperative to success in this niche space.

Man picking up a pair of pliers from a retail store wall display

Types of Hardware & Hand Tool Displays

There are several types of retail displays commonly used for hardware and hand tools. Here are a few examples:

Pegboard Displays

Pegboard displays are versatile and commonly used in hardware stores. They consist of a large board with evenly spaced holes. Hooks and brackets are used to hang the tools and hardware items on the pegboard, allowing for easy organization and visibility.

Slatwall Displays

Slatwall displays feature horizontal grooves that accommodate various types of display accessories. Slatwall hooks, shelves, and brackets can be used to showcase different hand tools and hardware products. The flexibility of slatwall displays allows for easy customization and arrangement.

Gondola Shelving

Gondola shelving is a freestanding fixture with adjustable shelves that can be used to display hardware and hand tools. The shelves can be adjusted to different heights and can hold products of varying sizes. Gondola shelving is often used to create aisles and sections within a store.

Endcap Displays

Endcap displays are located at the end of store aisles, providing high visibility for featured products. They can be customized to showcase specific hand tools or hardware items, drawing customers’ attention as they navigate through the store.

Wall-mounted Displays

Wall-mounted displays utilize vertical wall space to showcase tools and hardware products. These displays can include hooks, brackets, or specialized racks to hold and display items securely. Wall-mounted displays are especially useful for displaying larger tools or products with unique shapes.

Countertop Displays

Countertop displays are placed on store countertops or checkout areas to showcase smaller tools or accessories. These displays can include rotating stands, tiered trays, or clear acrylic boxes to present the products attractively and encourage impulse purchases.

Product Stands

Product stands are standalone fixtures that can hold specific tools or product lines. They often feature custom branding and signage to draw attention to the displayed items. Product stands can be strategically placed throughout the store to create focal points.

Combination Displays

These are just a few examples of the types of retail displays used for hardware and hand tools. Retailers often use a combination of these displays to create visually appealing and organized spaces that highlight their products effectively.

Working with Tusco

Tusco has extensive experience working in the home improvement space, and our experts can direct you towards the best type of display for your unique product and goals. These products are also being bought by better-educated consumers looking to find the exact products they have researched online. What better way to close the sales cycle than by showcasing hardware and hand tools with a custom, point-of-purchase display?