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Building Material Displays

Building material displays need to meet many performance demands – including strength and weight considerations.

The Importance of Building Material Displays

When homeowners and contractors undertake home repairs, they expect those repairs to both look good and last over time. The renewed interest in home upgrades during the Covid pandemic has continued. Architectural Digest reports that home improvement project spending increased from $328 billion in 2019 to $472 billion in 2022, with an estimated 2023 spending of $485 billion.
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Types of Building Material Displays

There are several types of building materials retail displays that can be used to showcase products in a store. Here are a few examples:

Wall Displays

These displays are mounted on walls and are designed to showcase products vertically. They typically feature shelving units or hooks to hold and display various building materials.

Floor Displays

Floor displays are standalone structures placed on the floor. They can be used to highlight larger building materials such as tiles, flooring options, or plumbing fixtures. These displays often have shelves, racks, or bins to organize and present the products attractively.

Countertop Displays

These displays are smaller in size and are placed on countertops or checkout counters. They are ideal for displaying smaller items like adhesives, sealants, paintbrushes, or other accessories. Countertop displays are often compact and designed to maximize visibility in limited spaces.

Sample Boards and Panels

Sample boards or panels are commonly used to showcase various surface materials such as paint colors, flooring options, or wallpaper patterns. These boards allow customers to see and touch the actual materials, helping them make informed decisions about their purchases.

Product Stands and Racks

These displays typically consist of stands or racks with multiple tiers or compartments. They are used to display items like lumber, pipes, or other long and bulky building materials. The stands and racks can be adjusted or customized to accommodate different product sizes.

Interactive Displays

In some cases, retailers may incorporate interactive displays to engage customers. For example, touchscreens or tablets can be used to showcase product catalogs, demonstrate installation techniques, or provide additional product information.

Combination Display Options

These are just a few examples of building materials retail displays. Retailers often use a combination of these display types to create an attractive and organized shopping experience for customers. The specific display choices depend on the store’s layout, product range, and target audience.

Working with Tusco

Our extensive experience in designing building material displays creates a unique opportunity for your brand to capitalize on as we develop your custom display project. From doors to roofing to flooring – we’ve built and designed it all. Our experts are available to assist you in crafting the perfect solution for your brand and products.