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Retail Security Cases & Displays

Secure retail displays and cases keep products safe while still attracting consumers to your products.

The Importance of Retail Security Cases & Displays

Despite many retailers utilizing visible security camera technology throughout their stores, Capital One reports that retailers lost $94.5 billion in gross revenue to theft in 2021, up 4.07% year-over-year. Every five minutes, nearly 2,500 items worth $125,000 are taken from U.S. retailers, including .This leads retailers to question how they can better protect merchandise and deter shoplifters. In addition to tracking tags and technology at exits, retailers can also utilize security display cases and displays to help reduce losses.

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Types of Retail Security Cases & Displays

There are various types of retail security cases and displays designed to protect merchandise and prevent theft. Here are some common examples:

Locked Display Cases

These are transparent cases with built-in locks to secure high-value items such as jewelry, electronics, or collectibles. Customers can see the products but cannot access them without assistance from a salesperson.

Security Hooks

These are specialized hooks that secure merchandise to the display fixtures. They are commonly used for products with hanging packaging, such as headphones, accessories, or small electronics.

Locking Pegboards

Pegboards with locking mechanisms can be used to secure smaller items like tools, beauty products, or small electronics. The items are hung on the pegboard, and a locking mechanism prevents unauthorized removal.

Acrylic Display Cases

These transparent cases are commonly used to display valuable or fragile items like collectibles, high-end cosmetics, or small electronics. While they may not have built-in locks, they provide a physical barrier and can be monitored by store staff. Tusco can customize your metal display with additional acrylic elements to achieve this look.

Locking Cabinets

Locking cabinets are often used in stores where high-value or small-sized items need to be secured. These cabinets have glass or transparent fronts and can be locked to restrict access to authorized personnel only.

Combination Displays

These are just a few examples of retail security cases and displays. Retailers may choose different combinations of security measures based on their specific needs and the types of merchandise they sell.

Working with Tusco

Because Tusco’s team custom creates your display solution, we can easily integrate security features into your custom display designs. Our engineering and design teams are able to collaborate to create the ideal solution for your product, without compromising aesthetics or functionality.