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Custom Apparel Product Displays

Custom apparel displays create consumer connections even in a store packed with other options.

The Importance of Custom Apparel Product Displays

Shoppers on the hunt for an apparel purchase want to quickly find what they are looking for in the right size and style. Your displays need to quickly pull in the consumer and swiftly communicate the value of your products. A customized, visually appealing display highlights the benefits and features of your apparel and makes it easier for clients to make a purchase decision. First impressions are everything, and an appealing display can bring browsers back to your products, even if they shop through the rest of the store’s selection.
Walls Outdoor Goods Retail Display featuring shelving and signage with boots on display

Types of Custom Apparel Product Displays

There are several types of specialty apparel retail displays that retailers use to showcase their products and enhance the shopping experience for customers. Here are some common types:

Mannequin Displays

Mannequins are used to display complete outfits or specific clothing items on realistic human forms. They allow customers to visualize how the clothes will look when worn.

Wall Displays

Wall displays utilize wall-mounted fixtures, such as shelves, racks, or pegboards, to showcase apparel items. They are often arranged by category, size, color, or style, making it easy for customers to browse through the selection.

Table Displays

Tables are versatile display options used to showcase folded clothing items, accessories, or featured collections. They can be arranged in various ways, such as neatly folded stacks or creatively styled outfits.

Feature Displays

Feature displays highlight specific products or collections that are on promotion or have a special theme. These displays often include signage, banners, and props to attract attention and create visual interest.

Accessory Displays

Accessories, such as jewelry, scarves, or handbags, often have their dedicated displays. These displays can include specialized fixtures like jewelry stands, rotating racks, or tiered displays to showcase the accessories effectively.

Interactive Displays

Some specialty apparel stores incorporate interactive displays to engage customers. These displays may include touchscreens, digital mirrors, or virtual reality experiences, allowing customers to explore different looks or customize garments.

Specialty Fixtures

Specialty fixtures are designed to highlight specific types of apparel, such as shoe racks, lingerie displays, or hat stands. These fixtures are tailored to the specific requirements of the merchandise and provide a visually appealing presentation.

Pop-up Displays

Pop-up displays are temporary installations used to create a sense of urgency or exclusivity. They can be used for limited-time collections, collaborations, or events, attracting customers with their unique and temporary nature.

Dressing Room Displays

Within the dressing room area, retailers may have displays that showcase additional clothing options or accessories that complement the items being tried on. This encourages customers to consider additional purchases and complete their outfits.

Combination Displays

These are just a few examples of specialty apparel retail displays. Retailers often combine multiple display types to create visually appealing and engaging shopping environments that align with their brand image and target customers.

Working with Tusco

Our experience positions Tusco to offer guidance and strategic design, no matter what corner of the apparel industry you serve. We partner with our clients throughout the entire design and manufacturing process, which creates seamless communication and quick-turn adjustments. Because we handle everything from start to finish in-house, we’re uniquely positioned to act swiftly to accommodate any design changes.