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Our client partners benefit from our culture of growth and learning as we pursue advanced certifications as an organization.
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Why Does ISO Matter?

ISO 9001:2015 with Design certification demonstrates our commitment to a robust quality management system. It also ensures we exceed our primary quality metrics of on-spec, on-time, and on-budget through our well-defined processes. We value creativity within our well-structured processes. ISO Certification exemplifies a commitment to not only our clients, but ourselves as manufacturers.

Establishing Clearly Defined Goals & Processes

ISO-registered companies must clearly establish their goals and processes across their business. For us, that means looking both within and beyond the workshop walls. We have instructions outlined for our processes in every aspect of our organization – from sales to engineering to machining and finishing. This establishes a clarity of process for our clients from initial conversations to distribution of their project.

Understanding How We Work

Maintaining transparency is a tenet of how we work with our client partners. They want to know the what, when, and how of how their project with come to fruition. This includes everything from the design and prototype stage to warehousing and distribution. We define expectations and clearly communicate those with our clients. ISO-registered manufacturers prioritize clear communication as the project moves from concept to creation.

Manufacturing with Competence & Confidence

For some industries, like automotive and aerospace, working with an ISO-registered manufacturer is essential. It’s a sign of competence and an international standard. For us and for our clients, it’s a bonus. It shows that we take our work seriously and produce our custom solutions to high-quality standards. Our client partners trust us to be there at every step of their project, and our commitment to quality demands that we are.
UL certified logo

UL 48 Safety Standards

UL 48 standards apply in cases where signage requires lighting, such as LED, fluorescent, incandescent, and HID. At Tusco, our engineers are aware of and abide by these specific safety requirements. We fabricate and assemble projects into full-functioning units that meet UL 48 requirements. This is unusual for fabricators and speaks to our breadth of capabilities in areas like hardware insertion, electrical wiring, and screen printing.