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Manufacturing & Fabrication

From conception to delivery, Tusco is your partner in development for custom manufacturing and fabrication needs.

Metal fabrication at Tusco Manufacturing

Working with Tusco

We create dynamic partnerships with our customers while remaining nimble in project execution and reliable in exceeding their goals. Our project management skills are the guiding light to reinforce that promise throughout the entire process. We ensure that specifications are satisfied with the final product and maintain consistent communication to sustain premium quality.

Our Process

Contact Us
Typical replies are within an hour.
Discovery Call
We determine if the project would be a fit.
Over the next few weeks, trade designs/quote packages/provide estimates.
Review, Revise, Rework
The Engineering Team continues to refine the design, identifying opportunities for improvement.
Prototype/Prototype Review
Client reviews a completed, built-to-spec version of the project, allowing for changes before the production run begins.
Full Production
8 days on our shop floor once the job reaches production.

Our Capabilities

Strengths that Set Us Apart

Discover More About Tusco Manufacturing

Tusco is more than your typical metal fabrication shop. We build successful partnerships through our involvement with every step of bringing your project to fruition.


Tusco strives to serve as your partner in development, which adds value to your project concept as we create your custom solution together.

Intellectual property

Patents, copyrights and trademarks are crucial to your projects. Tusco understands and respects intellectual property and works with you to develop unique solutions. Together, we can develop the best possible design for your project.

Project Management

From start to finish, your project will be managed by one of Tusco’s expert project leaders.

Value engineering

As your partner in development, we meticulously review your project for opportunities to improve the design, construction, or cost.

Run Times

Short and medium run orders are our speciality, as we focus on efficient flow to meet your time constraints every time.

Reshoring and nearshoring

Offshore manufacturing has lost its luster as companies work to reshore or nearshore production efforts to reduce shipping time and costs. Finding the right domestic manufacturing partner makes all the difference.

Design, Engineer, & Prototype

Stock designs or components are not part of the plan at Tusco. Every solution is custom designed, engineered, and prototyped for your specific project.