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Project Management

In manufacturing, every product or process is unique and requires its own plan.

Why choose Tusco Manufacturing for your project?

As your full service partner, Tusco assists in creating this plan and overseeing every step once it is implemented. By defining the scope and objectives of the project, the resources required, timelines, budgets, and risks, our team of experts is involved in everything from project development to distribution. Our project management team handles organizing resources, such as personnel, materials, and equipment, to achieve the project’s objectives and goals. Our project managers use various tools, methodologies, and techniques to lead their project teams toward successful project completion.

Project Planning

Developing project plans, timelines, budgets, and resourcing plans.


Resource Management

Assigning resources to various stages of the project to ensure that they are used efficiently and workloads are balanced.


Risk Management

Identifying and managing risks early in the project lifecycle to minimize impact and ensure project success.


Quality Management

Ensuring that products or processes are of the highest quality and meet industry standards.


Communication Management

Keeping stakeholders informed and engaged during the project lifecycle.


Change Management

Managing changes to project plans and communicating them to stakeholders.

Overall, effective project management in manufacturing is essential for success in today's competitive markets. It can help manufacturers to reduce production costs, increase efficiency, improve quality, and meet customer requirements.

Project Management Process in Manufacturing

Our project management processes have proven effective time and time again. They assist our client partners in improving manufacturing efficiency, reducing production costs, and enhancing product quality throughout the entire scope of the project.
Our project management process includes:


  • Scope Definition
  • Resource Planning
  • Project Charter Development


  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Project Schedule
  • Resource Allocation


  • Project Monitoring and Control
  • Communication Management
  • Risk Management


  • Evaluation and Analysis
  • Deliverables Handover
  • Ongoing Maintenance