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Finishing, Assembly, & Packaging

Finishing, assembly, and packaging get your custom project delivered without damage.


In addition to powder coating, we offer a variety of options when it comes to delivering your finished project. Our finishing team can screenprint custom designs onto your project, add additional graphic components, and integrate wood or plastic fabrications into the project.


Tusco’s on-site assembly specialists can take your custom fabrication project the extra mile by completing all or partial work before your project is packaged and shipped out. Our UL 48 certification means we are experts in adding wiring and lighting, as well. We are able to ship your project as a product-ready retail fixture or with strategically arranged components so they can be uncrated in exactly the order needed for assembly. In-house, assembly takes place directly off our powder coating line, saving time for you upon delivery and allowing us to custom pack your project.
Packsize On Demanding Packaging Machine


Few things are more frustrating than your custom display or fabrication project arriving damaged. We’re proud of our track record of less than .005% returns. We are constantly evaluating and improving our packaging methods to best package and deliver our clients’ projects. Our Packsize EM6-50 Packaging Machine allows us to create packaging that is as custom as your project. Not only that, we offer custom-designed assembly instructions and tools.

Other Manufacturing Capabilities

Metal Tube Fabrication

Fabricated tube assemblies are custom formed and joined.

Wire Forming

We produce intricate wire components quickly and without tooling costs.

Plastic Fabrication

Custom cut, shaped, or fabricated plastic components provide mixed-media dimension.