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Partners in Development

Our four-step DARE Process sets your project up for success.

What does a partnership with Tusco look like?

Solving challenges cleverly and economically for our customers has been a way of life at Tusco since its inception. As a one-stop shop for custom metal fabrication projects, every production touchpoint, from design to distribution, is managed in house. Because of this, we create exceptional partnerships with our clients. It is important for us to fully understand our customers’ needs and how expertise can create the best possible product. That’s why we use our DARE process to determine if potential clients are the right fit for us, and more importantly, if we are the right fit for them.
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Our DARE Process

We want to go above and beyond for you.
your product is our product from the first call to distribution.

Our process involves four stages: Discovery, Analysis, Recommendation and Execution. To bring solutions that go beyond your expectations, we start by asking the right questions. And if our answers aren’t the best, most economical option for your needs, we’ll point you in the direction of a vendor who might be the right fit.

With this method and our in-house capabilities, we’ll act as a full, working extension of your team to bring you the best in cost, turnaround time, and final product.

1. Discover

In our initial consultation, we start by asking questions. What are you trying to accomplish? What environment will your project be in? Tusco takes pride in getting the gears turning by using our experience and in-house team to talk through your goals and discover what’s best for you.

2. Analyze

After our call, we consider what we have learned. Creating an excellent product means looking at more than cost and timeline. We capture the whole picture, including future goals, long-term usability, assembly, and testing capabilities. This helps us create the best individualized solution for you.

3. Recommend

With more than 70 years of work under our belts, we can lay out a strategic plan that gives our clients confidence in our partnership. We can take a design that has 40 fasteners and make it 4, just to improve the ease of installation. Our recommendations are sure to put our clients in a position of success.

4. Execute

After prototyping and signoffs, with a well-informed client partnership, we proceed with delivering your projects on-time, on-spec and on-budget.