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Footwear Displays

Custom footwear displays set brands apart in the often crowded rows of shoe boxes.

The Importance of Footwear Displays

After ongoing volatility during the Covid pandemic, The NPD Group reports in the latest Future of Footwear forecast reports that the industry will grow sales revenue at a steady pace of 1% through 2025. Because shoes are a personal purchase, most people looking to purchase footwear are interested in the fit, feel, and function, this is most easily determined via in person sales. Footwear displays provide the best opportunity to fill the demand for an item that is generally an instant-gratification purchase. Standing out in the footwear industry takes a keen eye and expert approach to avoid being lost in the sea of shoe boxes that dominate many footwear retailers. Working with our experts at Tusco can help you build the perfect custom solution for your brand.
Reebok Metal Retail Shoe Display

Types of Footwear Displays

There are various types of footwear displays available, depending on the specific needs and preferences of the retailer or exhibitor. Here are some common types of footwear displays:

Shoe Racks/Shelves

These are simple and widely used displays consisting of horizontal or angled racks or shelves where shoes can be placed. They are usually made of metal, wood, or plastic and can be wall-mounted or freestanding.

Pedestal Displays

Pedestal displays are standalone platforms or columns that elevate individual shoes or shoe sets. They are often used to highlight specific shoes or limited-edition collections, providing a focal point for customers.

Slatwall Displays

Slatwall panels are mounted on walls and feature horizontal grooves that can accommodate various display accessories, including hooks, brackets, and shelves. Slatwall displays offer versatility in showcasing different shoe styles and sizes.

Gridwall Displays

Similar to slatwall, gridwall displays use wire grid panels that can be mounted on walls. Gridwall accessories, such as hooks and brackets, allow for flexible arrangement and presentation of shoes.

Shoe Hangers

These displays feature individual hangers that hold shoes by their heels or straps. They are commonly used in smaller retail spaces or for displaying shoes with intricate details that need to be highlighted.

Rotating Displays

Rotating shoe displays can be motorized or manually operated and allow for easy browsing of shoes. They typically consist of circular platforms or tiers that rotate, providing customers with a 360-degree view of the footwear.

Shoe Cubbies

Cubbies are small compartments or compartments with doors that can be used to organize and display shoes individually. They are often used in shoe boutiques or high-end stores to provide an elegant and organized presentation.

Interactive Displays

With advancements in technology, interactive displays have become popular. These displays can incorporate touch screens, virtual reality, or augmented reality elements to engage customers and enhance the shopping experience.

Custom Display Options

It’s important to note that these are just a few examples, Tusco’s team is available to assist in finding the creative and customized footwear display options that will suit your product and retail environments.

Working with Tusco

Our extensive experience with footwear brands from Iron Age to Reebok to Volcom makes Tusco a uniquely qualified partner to take on your custom footwear display project. Setting your brand apart in the retail landscape is paramount when it comes to footwear displays, ensuring your brand does not get lost among the rows of shoe boxes in retail locations.