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Tusco’s Robust Quality Management System

A Robust Quality Management System – Meets our customers’ needs and reduces costs

Quality Policy – Tusco commits to continuously improve how we understand and meet expectations for our associates, clients, communities, government & regulatory agencies, shareholders, and vendors.

At Tusco, we believe that quality is crucial for our success and yours. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, we strive to deliver on time, on spec, and on budget. Quality assurance and its subset quality control are the foundational components of our robust quality management system that allows us to meet expectations while reducing costs.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance prevents non-conforming products at an operational level by setting and monitoring procedures and processes within the quality management system. Having quality procedures and processes aren’t enough, so we monitor those processes using key performance indicators (KPI), internal audits, customer audits, customer scorecards, and an annual 3rd party audit to maintain ISO certification. Preventative actions, corrective actions, and continuous improvements are also critical for ensuring our customers receive high-quality components.

Our results speak to our commitment to quality. Our most recent ISO Audit has zero minor or major findings.

Our KPIs* demonstrate our commitment to delivering quality products on-time

  • On-time delivery – 94.5 percent
  • Cost of quality – less than 1 percent of annual sales average

*Averaged over four years

Quality Control

Our quality control processes are how we know we are meeting our customer’s quality requirements. We have several quality control measures in place to ensure that every product we produce meets customer specifications and expectations.

Three-Point Check For Every Run

Our three-point check ensures we can provide consistent quality from the first piece to the last. The very first piece of every job is inspected against the part’s print and, when approved, becomes the standard for the entire lot. Each shift pulls that job’s first, middle, and last part for inspection. To ensure nothing was missed, a second authorized person verifies the inspection. This process is continued through every department (e.g., laser, forming, powder coating) to ensure that tolerances and specifications are met.

Our tooling plays a critical role in assuring we can consistently produce quality products. We have regularly scheduled preventative maintenance programs and calibration schedules to keep our tooling and equipment working properly. Documentation is a critical aspect of maintaining traceability within our quality system. One of the items documented during the quality inspection process is the tool number. This allows us to ensure traceability and verify that the tool was within calibration when required.

Final Inspection

Some may feel that the multiple inspection points throughout job production are adequate, but we don’t stop thereOnce a job is completed, it receives a final inspection by the Quality Team. We need to ensure that dimensions, color, orientation, hardware, materials – all customer specification are met. When aesthetics are important to our customers, we perform a visual inspection looking for powder build-up, hook marks, laser dross, scratches, dents, or any other potential imperfections.


Our team understands that transparency is essential for meeting our quality objectives. If there is ever an issue during production, our production staff is empowered to escalate the concerns internally, and the quality team will stop production, evaluate the situation, and make adjustments or implement corrective action to rectify it immediately. Our goal is to ensure our customers are satisfied with every part we ship them.

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