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Play Ball – The retail of Baseball


Oct 1 every year represents the start of Major League Baseball’s second season: the playoffs. Though the Cleveland Indians failed to make it this year, I’m still a fan of the team and the sport.

Baseball offers useful metaphors for what we do. At Tusco, we help our clients make the team (retail placement), step up to the plate (get noticed by shoppers), and get on base (make a sale). Do they sell to every shopper? Nope. Babe Ruth didn’t hit every pitch either.

Baseball is a numbers game and so is in-store marketing. Not every shopper is a good prospect for any one client. And Tusco isn’t the right fit for every marketer either. We use the Tusco DARE Process:

  • Discover what the client needs
  • Analyze those needs
  • Recommend a path forward (even if it doesn’t involve us)
  • Execute the program when what the client needs and what Tusco does fit exceptionally well

Of every ten prospective clients who contact us, we “get a hit” with only about one-in-ten. But for those we team up with, we help them have consistent winning seasons like the Indians’ manager, Tito Francona.

One recent prospective client was the Pensacola Blue Wahoos, a Double-A Minor League affiliate of the Minnesota Twins. Their Merchandise and Community Relations Manager wanted to upgrade their 1600-sq-ft team store. They needed a handful of loose fixtures on a shoestring budget. Though not a fit for Tusco, we were able to connect them with providers better suited to their needs.

We focus on helping our clients get in the game and be a hit with THEIR shoppers and retail partners.

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