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Custom Metal Fabrication for Ohio Manufacturers

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Ohio is one of the top states for manufacturing, with transportation equipment, machinery, food manufacturing, plastic and rubber products, and chemical manufacturing all topping the list. What all these industries have in common is their reliance on sheet metal products and components that are part of the final product, such as brackets or housing, or part of the manufacturing equipment, such as racking or guards. Challenges with your product or equipment can impact sales, shut down production, or create safety hazards. Working with a local sheet metal fabricator with the ingenuity to solve these challenges is essential for success.

Solving Tough Challenges Starts with Hiring the Right People

Tusco MFG has helped companies across industries solve complex and cosmetic challenges. Since 1949, we have been working to provide Ohio companies with a better partnership experience by solving their sheet metal challenges most economically. Providing a positive customer experience is critical, and we can do it because of our dedicated employees.

Our company was founded because eight Ohio Jaycees Civic Organization members saw a need for quality, well-paying jobs in the area. The company has seen several expansions over its 74-year history, but our success comes from the employees that come together with innovation and hard work to meet our customers’ needs time and time again. Since Ohio ranks third in the country for total manufacturing employees, we can recruit top engineering and manufacturing talent.

Helping Manufacturers Remain Competitive

We have worked with companies from Akron, Cleveland, Canton, Columbus, and more, providing custom solutions while mitigating their supply chain risks and helping them to keep the flow of products moving into the market.

Today, companies are not only competing to produce high-quality products, but they are also competing against other’s supply chains. There are over 13,000 manufacturers in Ohio, making it a highly competitive market. If your metal fabricator can’t solve your challenges AND deliver your products when needed, you are taking unnecessary risks and giving your competitors an advantage.

As a one-stop shop, we can help you remain competitive. We take your project from design through shipping, minimizing your risk. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer with a 96.3 percent on-time delivery rate, so you can be assured your project will stay on schedule and adhere to your quality standards.

We are more than the typical fabricator; through every step of your project — design and prototyping, fabrication and welding, powder coating and finishing, assembly and packing, and warehouse and distribution — a project leader is guiding the process, ensuring specifications are satisfied and the final products arrive as agreed.

Don’t risk your metal fabrication with anyone else. Contact us today to set up a discovery call to discuss your needs.

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