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For lighting brands, in-store displays for light fixtures and other home products create an interesting challenge. How do you present materials in isolation that eventually become a piece in someone’s broader home décor? You need to show consumers the potential your lighting product has to elevate their space – and brighten it too.

We’ve seen many successful examples of lighting product display, and they tend to do three things:
• The paint the picture of how a lighting product looks in the home
• They create a mini-showroom for consumers to experience the product in real time
• They help build the consumer’s trust right there in the store

Let’s look deeper into each of these success factors.

Paint The Picture

Your product packaging may already have an image of a product staged in a home – that same concept can be used on your display itself to spark consumers’ imagination before they’ve even decided to look into the product dimensions or wattage.

For many lighting fixtures or lighting products, their aesthetic appeal is a top selling point for consumers. Consider the retail store you’re placing your products in; who shops there? How can you tailor the image of the home in your display imagery to better match the audience you’re encountering?

Create A Responsive Experience

The touch and feel of the product can be a deal-making experience for consumers. For example, a recent project of ours created a mini-showroom where consumers could move the dials and switches of smart home dimmers themselves.

This not only drops the barrier to purchase by instilling the sense of “I know exactly what I’m getting,” it also excites and intrigues passing shoppers. Displays that are able to gain the attention of people not looking specifically for your product can go a long way in long term sales.

Build Their Confidence

Because of the aesthetic nature of lighting fixtures and lighting products, reviews on the style of the product can often be as important as reviews of the product’s performance itself. Use your display as an opportunity to print real user reviews, creating a mix of performance-oriented and style-focused opinions.

Even better, give the consumer access to every review. Consider adding a QR to your display that can direct consumers to your product reviews right there in front of the product. In today’s market, they’re likely looking up reviews on the spot as it is – why not give them a hand in getting there faster? By knowing what consumers need to feel confident in a purchase, you can bridge several steps of the buyer journey, simply with your lighting product display.

Lighting Product Display Showrooms Don’t Have To Be Extensive

They just have to create an experience that allows consumers to imagine. With all the noise of in-store shopping, use your displays to help consumers home in and make decisions they’re confident in. Have an upcoming project and want to discuss design options? Contact us online or schedule a discovery call with us: 740-206-8298

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