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Permanent Retail Displays vs. Temporary Retail Displays

Custom metal retail display at Tusco Manufacturing

While you may be tempted to invest in temporary displays due to their lower cost, it is vital to understand that permanent display signs prove far more efficient in the long run.

Permanent displays are ideal for advertising products that are sold year-round. When it comes to display branding, a permanent solution will always prove more sustainable than a temporary display.

With Tusco Display, you can take advantage of decades of expertise in manufacturing customized permanent displays. We specialize in metal and wood displays, which boast superior strength-to-weight ratio. That means it’s a solution that lowers the cost of transportation by moving more displays per gallon of fuel. A permanent display will stand the test of time because of its quality build and design.

Establishing Sustainable Practices with Sustainable Packaging

You can also establish sustainable practices by switching to sustainable packaging, such as corner and stretch wrap. You may think that sustainable product packaging isn’t as durable as traditional packaging methods, but today’s latest technological advancements have ensured product safety—with far less material. Even better is that you can use sustainable packaging methods to provide greater visibility to what you’re shipping, including the ability to communicate the need to ‘handle with care.’

Repurposing Displays to Achieve Sustainability

Lastly, you can repurpose your current displays. You may think that many of the displays need to be thrown away and replaced with new ones, but often, you can simply replace certain components of the signage and refresh the displays’ color and you will have fixtures that look brand new. In doing this, you not only put sustainability into practice, but your company also saves money. Even if you just use the skeleton of your old displays, you can cleverly repurpose by building off of what’s already there.

The Takeaway

You don’t have to search far and wide for ways to go green. Any of the suggestions above are great starting points for making your brand one that values sustainable practices. Contact Tusco Display today to learn more about how your displays can help the planet.

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