Manufacturing Process

Process and Project Management

The Tusco Difference for Manufacturing

At Tusco Manufacturing, we leverage our 70+ years of brand experience to create dynamic partnerships with our customers, remaining nimble in project execution and reliable in exceeding their goals. Our project management skills are the guiding light to reinforce that promise throughout the entire process. We ensure that specifications are satisfied with the final product and maintain consistent communication to sustain premium quality.

How Do We Sustain Our High Level of Partnership?

Many manufacturers speak highly of their project management skills. We believe our products and client satisfaction reflect our dedication to excellent work, and we also want to share our process that makes this promise actionable. We've developed our internal DARE methodology to hold our teams accountable and ensure that we deliver constant process and top-tier project management.

  • Discovery — We begin each partnership with an initial consultation, which we can expand over multiple sessions if necessary. We ask you questions about your project and assess your needs from all perspectives. Expect to hear some insights as well, as we start to share our own experience with you. As your partners, we are attentive listeners, but we also contribute to keep the conversation moving towards the successful implementation of your project.

  • Analysis — It's critical to examine your project and make sure that all of the outcome details have been explored and mapped so that everything from manufacturing, budgeting, assembly and physical endurance over time have been carefully considered. This is another chance to voice your concerns and share expertise with the ultimate goal of successful collaboration.

  • Recommendations — A good partner is an honest partner. We will be upfront with you about changes we would suggest, from design modifications to alternate partners we would recommend. Part of our expertise includes knowing our strengths and weaknesses, and we are firm believers that if we aren’t the right fit, we should help point you toward the right team for the job.

  • Execution — Our in-house capabilities span many processes, we can streamline takt time and keep an open line of communication at every step. As your partner, we are here to accommodate new developments that arise.

A Responsive Approach

Our DARE methodology helps us deliver on our project management promises. Because all of our project communication and manufacturing lives in-house, our clients can expect and rely on our internal swiftness. We don't need to take additional steps to chase down vendors, repeat onboarding or manage time zones. We minimize duplicate efforts and maximize efficiency, freeing our resources to spend time on your project's needs as they develop.

What Does Your Manufacturing Project Need?

Let's talk about these project management values in terms of your projects. Contact us online or by phone today so we can get started.