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Each year, retailers transform their stores to entice consumers as they shop for holiday gifts. Take a look at two of the main trends during this time of year…

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In-Store Marketing for the Holiday Season

In-store marketing during the holiday season can vary based on store type and brand. If able, stores may opt to transform into a holiday wonderland, with Christmas taking over every square inch of the retail location. Displays and their utilization play a huge role in this seasonal shift. We mainly see two types of displays utilized this time of year – corrugated cardboard style temporary displays or permanent fixtures that are updated with signage and graphics to reflect the sales of the season.


A great example of a full store makeover is Bath and Body Works. Whether a customer walks in the door or just walks by, the retailers utilize both their heavily branded locations are designed to offer the ideal opportunity to utilize permanent fixtures and displays to celebrate the sales of the holiday season. They also incorporate temporary displays to hold specific products, such as travel hand sanitizers, that fair well in a bin style display.


Big box stores and department retailers must take the approach more broadly to avoid alienating customers who are not necessarily shopping for the holidays. Stores like Marshalls utilize their existing signs and add decorative cardboard toppers to their permanent pieces. This allows versatility with their permanent fixtures. Likewise, Walmart has added temporary toppers to their end caps that feature an array of presents, but the store remains much like it does outside of the holidays.


Joann Fabrics is known for their décor and craft offerings, it is no surprise that they also take the holidays seriously, though striking a middle ground between a fully immersive experience and adding small seasonal flavor to signage. They focus on utilizing their permanent fixtures to create their holiday displays. The flexibility of permanent displays allows them to adapt with themed signage for holiday and season changes, such as the Northern Lights header that hangs from the ceiling in their front and center display this year. They also utilize updated holiday signage in their permanent end caps and four sided aisle units. When walking their full aisle layouts, pegboard backings allow the design to accommodate offerings of all sizes and shapes in the array.

In-store marketing certainly draws you in especially at the holiday season. Target is one of the best in the business when it comes to utilizing end caps for seasonal transformations. They use temporary signage that builds up their existing units to create the sense of holiday gifting. A combination of temporary, corrugated display elements and utilizing permanent fixtures, can make a big impact both during the holidays and on the environmental side of cardboard displays are often broken down and destroyed at the end of the season.


As shoppers return to stores, they will certainly be taking notice of who is bringing the holiday spirit with their in-store marketing strategies this holiday season. Call us at 740-206-8298 or reach out online to talk with one of our experts today regarding the benefits of a flexible, permanent display unit and be ready for the holidays in 2022

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