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How much do custom displays cost?

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Custom displays are investments that combine exceptional build quality, brand continuity and product-specific design. The word “custom” doesn’t always mean premium quality at a cost—instead, custom displays can offer premium quality at your cost.

The right display manufacturer for the job is your partner throughout your project. At Tusco, we work with you to identify your top display values and goals, then tailor your project accordingly—which includes factoring in your spending ability alongside other project information you share with us. Our core values include Respect and Accountability, and we are firm believers in quoting projects with full transparency.

Pricing Factors

Because each display solution is unique, there is no “typical” pricing for custom displays. This creates a flexible pricing structure which works within a large menu of options. Custom display cost is determined by a combination of the quantity, materials, design, installation and transportation associated with your project. A display manufacturer should speak to open-ended ranges while asking you specific questions to narrow down your project needs in each of these considerations.

There is some structure that can be provided around pricing, at least in terms of setting your budget for the custom display cost. In our experience, we recommend that our customers spend about one turn of their product on their display. This ensures a strong ROI on the display cost. Our project management process ensures that we’re clear about your requirements for your display’s performance your top priorities to form a successful display manufacturing partnership.

Custom Displays Retain Value

By definition, our custom displays are tailored to your brand and your product—no one else’s. This creates the perfect set of circumstances for us to meet your pricing and product-specific considerations in parallel. We consider elements of buyer psychology as we discuss initial concepts, then we design and build your display to best market your product, encourage consumer interaction and to withstand long-term wear and tear.

Tusco custom displays offer both durability and exceptional design. We believe in design engineering and manufacturing that preserves displays’ new-like finish and strength, which saves you time and money in replacement costs. We work hard to leverage our in-house capabilities to stay nimble and responsive to the evolving needs of any project that comes our way and remain true to your creative vision and business objectives.

Custom displays are a smart investment for your brand, although they do require an open discussion of goals and needs. Let’s schedule a discovery call to talk about your next project’s specifications.

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