Equipment List

Turret Punch Press:

Amada Vipros 358 King, a 33-ton, Smart DNC controlled, highly accurate, high speed, hydraulic turret equipped with 58 punching stations ranging from ½’’ diameter through 4-½’’ diameter. This machine is equipped with a brush table to maintain part surface quality and can accommodate up to 50” x 80” sheets of 10ga steel or .250” aluminum without repositioning.

Laser Cutting Center:

Trumpf Trulaser 5030 laser designed to process sheets of material up to 60" wide and 120" in length. This 5000-Watt machine is capable of marking and cutting carbon steel up to one inch thick, stainless up to .750 inches thick and aluminum up to .600 inches thick. High-speed and highly accurate, it cuts burr-free virtually anything that you can draw and efficiently processes a single prototype or a 1000-component run without tooling.

Router/Machining Center:

Komo VR Mach One S – This model is equipped with HSK tooling, a ten-station tool changer, three-axis travel, vacuum clamping and a 60” wide x 144” long table. It is DNC-controlled and programmable to machine a myriad of nonferrous (aluminum, MDF, particleboard, composites, etc.) materials.

Steel and Aluminum MIG Welding:

We're proficient in MIG and TIG welding of aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel. We manually weld in four stations using Lincoln Idealarc 400 amp MIG welders; in two stations using Miller CP-302 aluminum 300 amp MIG welders; in two stations using Miller 250 amp TIG welders and in a single station with a Lincoln Square Wave 175 amp TIG welder. In addition, we utilize three highly-precise and productive CNC programmable welding systems. All told, we have ten carbon steel welding stations available three shifts per day:

-Lincoln Idealarc 400 amp MIG welders (4 stations)

-Miller CP–302 aluminum 300 amp MIG welders (3 stations)

-Genesis System Robotic MIG welding cell: 60” turntable, CNC controlled, Panasonic AW-005C 300 amp MIG Welder integrated with a Versa System Panarobo arm.

-Progressive System Robotic MIG welding cell: One 96’’ and one 108’’ fully-integrated trunnion tables, CNC controlled, Panasonic 1S VR006AL MIG Pulse 350 amp Welder integrated with a Panarobo arm.

-Panasonic System Robotic MIG welding cell: Dual 60” tables, CNC, Panasonic VR-006 350 amp MIG welder integrated with a Versa System Panarobo arm.

Steel and Aluminum TIG Welding:

-Lincoln Square Wave 175 amp TIG welder (1 station)

-Miller 250 amp TIG welder (2 stations)

Resistance Welding:

-10 KVA Aro spotwelders

-30 KVA TJ Snow spotwelder (deep arm)

-60 KVA Alphil presswelders (two)

-60 KVA Standard presswelder w/ microprocessor

Machining/Tool Building:

-Reid surface grinder

-Clausing Model 17H surface grinder

-DoAll Band Saw with 26” throat

-15” Clausing lathe

-SuperMax end mill with 9” x 48” table

-Millport Model #2 end mill with 9” x 36” table

-Leblonde horizontal mill

-Rockwell 20” drill press

-Carlton radial drill press

-Harble 350 cut off saw


Haberle Model H350, circular sawing machine

DoALL Model 2612-2H, contour sawing machine

Omga Model RM 600 P3S, dual station, radial arm, miter saw

HolzHer Model 1270, automatic, vertical panel saw


6’ x 3/16” Wysong shear


We’re adept in both mechanical and hydraulic forming. We utilize 10 brake-presses that range from 15 tons to 257 tons with bed lengths from 48" to 144". Our hydraulic brake-presses are especially designed for fast, versatile and safe material processing with a ram repeatability of ±0.0004". These hydraulic brake-presses are CNC controlled to ensure fast accurate setups and maximum repeatability. In addition, we can form round, square or rectangular tube and extrusion. Our maximum bending capacity is 3'' x .109 for round tube, 2 ½" x .083 for square tube and 2’’ for schedule 80 steel pipe.

Mechanical Forming:

10’ x 225 ton Cincinnati CNC brake press

10’ x 150 ton Chicago brake press

10’ x 90 ton Chicago brake presses

6’ x 35 ton Chicago brake press

4’ x 18 ton Di-Acro brake press

Hydraulic Forming:

RG-80 Amada CNC brake presses (two)

FaB-80 Amada CNC brake presses

TruBend 5230 Trumpf CNC brake presses

12’ x 90 ton Cincinnati CNC brake press


Tenn-Smith pinch rolls - maximum bending capacity: 16ga x 48”

Montgomery pinch rolls - maximum bending capacity: 10ga x 72”

Tube and Extrusion Forming:

Pines #2 CNC Tube Bender - Maximum bending capacity:

                                   3’’ x .109” round tube

                                   2-½” x .083” square tube

                                   2’’ schedule 80 steel pipe

Comeq R3S CNC Bending Rolls - Maximum bending capacity:

                                  3’’ x .125” round tube

                                  3” x .125” square tub 5/8’’ x 5’’ flat steel (on edge)

Tube Crimping:

Uniflex model HMO 200 - maximum crimping capacity: 2’’ schedule 80 steel pipe

Tube Swaging:

Ercolina model EP25H2-V2 - maximum swaging capacity: 3.5’’ x .120” mild steel


Our system utilizes 800' of overhead monorail conveyor for continuous cleaning and coating of products. Pretreatment consists of a three-stage iron phosphate spray washer and a gas-fired dry-off oven. Each finish is electrostatically applied and baked in a gas-fired curing oven.

Powdercoating is an especially attractive technology because it offers a huge variety of colors, metallics and textures and the finishes are very durable. Powder can usually be applied in greater thickness than paint and tends to build more heavily on the edges of components, resulting in blunt and better-protected corners and ends.


Tusco owns a 110,000-sq-ft facility on 40 acres in Gnadenhutten, Ohio.