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Do custom retail display matter?

Abu Garcia retail display featuring clothing and fishing gear

When you look at your retail environment from a customer’s perspective, what key considerations are needed to influence a purchase? What are the factors that turn browsers into customers? At Tusco Display, we’ve got this down to a science. When you entrust us to create a point-of-purchase display, you’ll realize the difference. 

The Psychology of Displays

The retail environment is crowded with competitors. How do you make sure that your product shines among the clutter, even within your own storefront? We help you navigate the psychology behind the purchase using four numbers;

Eight – You have .8 seconds to attract your customer’s attention. Does your display and product packaging draw interest within .8 seconds?

Three – Can your customer understand your value proposition and messaging within three seconds? In short, does it take them three seconds or shorter to understand what you are selling?

Four – Is your messaging placed in a direction and location to be seen within four places in your store? Is your display located optimally for flow of traffic?

Five – Does your display feature messaging that is five words or less? If not you may have failed to provide something that is clear, simple and instantaneous for your customers to comprehend.

A custom display that is able to clearly differentiate between you and your competitors, while delivering a strong value proposition may be the difference between a purchase and a lost sale.

Why It Matters

Ask yourself this: can my product be easily found? If it can, does the packing and display easily differentiate itself from your competitors? Research shows that on average, 70 percent of in-store purchases are unplanned. A great display can help accomplish a few things:

Awareness – Generate customer awareness for your product, separate yourself from your competitors.

Market Entry – Make it known to customers that your brand or your product are contenders in an already-established market.

Sales – We’ve helped many of our customers increase sales by designing a custom point-of-purchase display that attracts and increases sales while demonstrating and supporting their brand presence.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Make it count by customizing your display.

Let’s Get Started

Looking to impact your sales with a custom display? Contact us today or call us at 740-254-4343 and we’ll help you get started.

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