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Trends to Consider for DIY Merchandising Displays

No surprise, people are DIYing more than ever. Whether upcycling old furniture, building treehouses in the backyard or adding a back porch onto their home, people have a passion for creating things with their own two hands.

The DIY movement is growing, and by 2024 could be an over 500 billion dollar industry. People are tackling bigger, more complicated projects and sharing them with their online communities. There’s a lot to digest in this DIY consumer trends report by Venveo, so we’ve chosen the 3 DIY trends we think are essential to consider for DIY merchandising and in-store custom product displays, especially for hardware and hand tool brands.


Every age is DIYing. The biggest DIY age group is 31-40 at 26%, with 21-30-year-olds nipping at their heels at 24%. Ages 51-60 clock in at 19% and 61-70-year-olds are also in on the action at 16%.


The two most important things they look for are durability and reliability in the hardware, hand tools and other materials they purchase. Cost is always a consideration – after all, saving money on labor is a key driver for DIY projects – but at the same time, quality hardware, fixtures and tools are vital. Show how your products can stand the test of time to win the day with this audience.


Although the shift to online shopping continues to grow, most DIYers will visit a brick-and-mortar store to examine the hardware and hand tools they intend to use for their projects.
As a rule, DIYers still value an in-store experience where they can touch and feel products, which is a general trend among shoppers according to a survey by Ripen eCommerce. They may still purchase online depending on price points and needs, but the in-store experience will influence their decision.

Importance of Visual Displays for DIY Merchandising

Consumers want to know all the details when they purchase hardware and hand tools for DIY projects—what the products look like, how they work, and how they feel in their hands. Part of this research can be done online, but DIYers also like to experience products in-store. This makes a DIY hand tool display a vital part of visual DIY merchandising.

A DIY hardware display lets customers see the finishes they are considering and even see how they go with ones they already have in their home. And if they like how the product looks and feels, they are likely to make an in-store purchase.

A try-before-you-buy concept for a DIY hand tool display that includes different hand tools showcased out of their boxes is ideal because it allows customers to pick up the tools and see how they feel. Using plants or other small additive products in a display for DIY projects also draws people in and offers a pleasant shopping experience. Because the majority of DIYers watch how-to videos online, including those videos in your in-store display is another way to catch consumers’ attention and demonstrate the value of the products.


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