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Custom Displays v. Stock

At Tusco, we work proactively to anticipate and avoid display design issues before they affect your business.

We partner with our customers to minimize the effect of product weight on an in-store display, which will differ across various industries but needs to be factored into display construction. The design must be reinforced appropriately.

How do industry needs vary?

One of the hallmarks of custom displays is the ability to create a display that uniquely reflects your brand and products. For example, hardware brands need specially engineered solutions to accommodate the tonnage of the products they have on display. For instance, machinery and tools may have dense weight needs that require a heavy-duty, engineered solution to handle the weight.

Retail apparel displays for heavy outdoor hunting gear and outerwear must deal with the hanging weight of the products effectively. Grocery products, on the other hand, display products that are light weight but have expiration dates. A gravity-fed spice dispenser should withstand frequent stocking and emptying.

Tusco experience ranges across a wide variety of industries, so we bring this knowledge to the table. You can focus on your business objectives and aesthetic preferences, and we’ll collaborate with you to make sure that the displays are engineered to withstand real-world usage over time. If you have difficult products to merchandise, we design and solve those problems from an engineering perspective.

How do we meet the needs of different industries?

Depending on the custom display needs, display hardware should physically reinforce and accommodate the products showcased. Your in-store display may be a permanent display fixture or it may be seasonal, in which case we might design It to be collapsible for off-season storage.

The most common material used are carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel. We combine components of each as warranted. In the case of heavy products like tools, hard-wearing and resilient displays are often made of carbon steel. For retail apparel, accessories and beyond, aluminum can be an attention-grabbing and lightweight option.

Make your next project purpose-driven and built to last for your product. Contact Tusco to get started.

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