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Touchless Technology Leads to Frictionless Experiences

The Covid pandemic has accelerated timelines for many pieces of the retail sector. Notably through the integration of more technology in the realm. Many innovations have been years in development but have only recently garnered shopper support during the pandemic. The concept of the Amazon Go stores seemed far fetched and absurd when they were first announced and now consumers are looking for ways to avoid unnecessary contact with surfaces.


One of the largest changes has been the shift to cashless payment options. CNBC reports that 51% of adults are now using some form of contactless payment – from tap to pay card technology to digital wallet services like ApplePay. While the U.S. Mint is pushing for coins to begin circulating again after a shortage earlier this year, opportunities to use them are diminishing. Consumers are opting for more buy online, pick up in store options and are creating buying opportunities that do not include paying at the point of pick up.


Additionally, retailers are continuing to innovate by introducing locations with Walk In, Walk Out models. Increasing the number of locations employing this technology certainly appeals to consumers who are looking to minimize their contact with others – while also allowing retailers to offer extended access with no check out lines to slow consumers down.
These proposed contactless solutions speed up the consumer’s trip to the store and lead to a need for displays and in-store marketing to make a bigger, quicker, and more pronounced impact on the consumer.

When did you last review your in-store marketing? Are your display fixtures optimized to turn these quick browsers into buyers? Contact our award winning team today to elevate your products to connect with shoppers in-store.

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