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Creating Hiring Flexibility

The labor crisis continues to impact employers around the world and across all industries. A recent Harvard Business Review article highlighted interesting statistics around employee roles that are “deskless” and cannot be done remotely. With job openings at an all time high, many workers are seizing the opportunity to leave roles where they are dissatisfied in search of improved factors from better pay to flexibility and appreciation for their work.


In January, Tusco Display & Manufacturing was featured in a segment of the national news program Fox & Friends. We had the opportunity to introduce the country to our unique hiring practices, where we offer flexible work in our manufacturing plant through part-time roles. This allows us to recruit high school students, parents, and everyone in between who is looking for flexible, quality jobs.

Two of our part-time associates, Brittany Braun and Margie Affolter joined CEO Mike Lauber on the broadcast. Brittany began her career with Tusco in a part-time role, and now works full-time. Recently, Margie and Administrative Assistant Jessica Gunn talked about the work-life balance they have found by working part-time with Tusco.

What drew you to the opportunity at Tusco?

Margie – When I came in for the interview, I was thinking about doing full time and then I talked to Teresa and she said I could do part time and I could do 8:00 to 2:30. And I thought, wow, that really works out great.

Would you recommend Tusco to others looking for part-time work?

Margie – I would actually recommend Tusco to other people looking for part time or people who just aren’t happy in the place that they’re working, because like I said, everybody’s been super kind and nice here and it’s kind of a laid back workplace even though, I mean we have stuff that has to get out, but it’s just, I don’t know. I’m not stressed when I come to work and so I would definitely recommend it to anybody that’s looking for a job.

What do you do in your role at Tusco?

Jessica – In my role here at Tusco Display, I am the lady you see at the front desk, as soon as you walk in the door. I help with accounts payable. I help with work orders that go out on the floor to get the job started.

What makes Tusco different from other part-time roles you’ve had before?

Jessica – I like the environment here at Tusco. Everybody is more family oriented. It’s not more of you are in here and you do your do your work when you go home. It’s more of everybody helps everybody. It’s a really good atmosphere.

Looking for a change in your career? Whether part-time or full-time, Tusco has a place for you if you are a positive producer, resilient problem solver, and great teammate who is nicotine-free. Check out our Careers Page to apply today!


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Meet Margie & Jessica, two of Tusco’s part-time associates who have found a work-life balance that fits into their lives perfectly.

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