Cost of Manufacturing

Are You Losing Money on Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Whether you’re a sheet metal fabricator or your business frequently needs precision sheet metal fabrication, cost savings are critical. Fortunately, you have several methods for saving money on sheet metal fabrication—and it starts within your own organization.

Creativity Is Key

First and foremost, team up with a manufacturing company that exhibits creativity. How do you know if a company values creativity? You should ask two questions:

  • • Does this manufacturer have designers and engineers on staff?

  • • Do those professionals work together?

You want a team in your corner that thinks creatively. When the company you work with creates and reworks the designs and can perform sophisticated fabricating capabilities in house, you’ll be surprised how many cost-saving solutions can be found. For example, a firm may come to Tusco with three separate parts and the team could rework the prints to combine those three parts into a single part.

Sustainability Is a Priority

You can have a higher order volume without sacrificing sustainability. Today’s tech gives you the room to improve existing processes and save money on your sheet metal fabrication projects by using nesting software. At Tusco, our nesting software helps orient more units into each metal forming load. With this technology in place, we can produce more for you units at a lower cost in the least amount of time possible.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

Because steel is North America’s most recycled material, your skilled metal manufacturers can pass the savings from recycled steel down to you. We’ve found that not only does recycling the materials provide an excellent way to go green, but it also helps us maintain a competitive advantage in the sheet metal manufacturing industry. As an example, because we recycle almost all of the materials we use, we are able to manufacture sheet metal at a competitively low cost. Recycling materials can do the same for your company.

Find an All-in-One Manufacturer

Here’s a scenario: you may think you need several parts and welds to create a particular corner for a display. You’re worried about the cost to mass produce this design because of that corner—it affects takt time, and you’re not sure about its structural longevity to begin with.

But your designer and engineer take a look and see that you could form the same corner in a stronger way using only one process. They quickly confirm with the manufacturer, and you’re back on track.

You can make more parts in a single process and optimize efficiency—and bring huge cost savings. Here at Tusco, we’ve not only found ways to make more parts in a single process, but we are constantly researching new ways to increase efficiency further. As we discover new and innovative ways to optimize efficiency, we are excited to share our processes and capabilities with our customers.

We’ll work alongside your team to better understand and meet your specific needs. We take pride in our ability to solve problems and think through the entire process beyond the display or part order. For example, we’ve previously developed custom packaging and material handling racks to help our customers be more efficient and keep us greener and leaner in our manufacturing efforts.

Find a manufacturer who can help you through every step of the process. A multidisciplinary team of creators and technicians can identify areas of inefficiency and help you streamline your design and production. Unique to the majority of manufacturing companies, we’re proud to say that our team does exactly that.

If you would like to learn more about saving money on sheet metal fabrication by teaming up with Tusco MFG, please contact us today.