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In-House Powder Coating creates time and cost savings for a metal fabrication project. It also protects the fabricated piece prior to it ever being shipped. …

From start to finish, a custom metal fabrication project needs to meet your quality standards while staying on budget and on time. Partnering with a fabricator that features in-house powder coating is one way to tick off these two boxes. From laser cutting to warehousing and distribution, a manufacturer that offers in-house powder-coating creates cost savings throughout the fabrication process.

In-house powder coating immediately saves time, which reduces costs associated with shipping a fabricated piece to a coater. Your project goes straight from cut to form to weld and on to powder coating without ever leaving the facility. Eliminating the need for shipping a fabricated part to a coater allows powder coating to be scheduled immediately following fabrication. Time isn’t the only savings in this scenario, shipping expenses from fabricator to coater are eliminated, keeping costs down and allowing you to quote your projects with quicker turnaround times

Of course, choosing a manufacturer with a proven and reliable quality system is also key. Tusco Display & Manufacturing carries an ISO 9001:2015 certification, ensuring that each piece coming off the line is reviewed for deficiencies, allowing you to be confident in the finishes applied.

Once powder coating and inspection are complete, fabricated pieces are packed on site and transferred to our warehouse for distribution. No shipments between steps in the fabrication process saves time and money – at Tusco, the average job spends just eight days on our shop floor before it is ready to ship directly from our warehouse.

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