Wire Harness Assemblies

Tusco is a leader in the precision sheet metal fabrication market and one of the things that make us unique is what we do beyond fabricating. We also do wire harness and cable assemblies under our UL48 certification. We have the capability to work with the new high technology components and cross-market applications. We have the industry experience and product capabilities to master the challenges of today’s requirements.

We handle all aspects of product manufacturing and procurement. This includes crimping, cutting, soldering, stripping and several options for part marking. There is 100% electronic inspection including continuity and high voltage testing. Our harness features include both fabric and metal braiding, as well as heat, oil, and water resistant characteristics.

In order to ensure that the wire harnesses meet standards and special customer requirements, we perform a comprehensive series of tests verifying proper wire lengths, component quantities and wire ID’s. We also ensure that the wire ID’s read left to right. In addition, we verify that all crimps are correct and of good quality, all connectors are secure and in position and that all terminal pins are securely seated.

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