Riveting and Hardware Insertion

At Tusco, we offer riveting and hardware insertion services to make sure components properly fit together during assembly. In our industry, structural integrity is fundamental. We insert a variety of fasteners, including rivets, nuts, washers, lock washers, clinch press-in fasteners, rivet nuts, panel fasteners and other specialty technical-fastening hardware. We also provide sheet-metal fabrication services, including design and prototyping, welding, cutting, forming, powder coating and finishing.

The Perfect Fit, Built to Last

When our team members fasten components together, their attention to detail is precise. The parts we work with have to be joined correctly so items don’t loosen during use or operation. And no matter the size of the order, we are intentionally meticulous with our customers’ fasteners and hardware.

Tusco provides insertion services to make assembly processes easier for workers. We use advanced cutting, welding and metal-forming equipment and techniques to improve the manufacturability of parts; that way, we can offer superior riveting and fastening services.

With the support of our design and technical capabilities, we can join fasteners to sheet-metal parts, ensuring that components are the right material, length, width and depth. Workers can perform quicker assembly processes with hardware already inserted. Also, this service lowers the risks of losing fasteners and workers using the wrong fastener, which could crack or break under intended loads

Tusco Fabrication and Insertion Services

Our ingenuity, creativity, and technical expertise have helped us at Tusco build a name for ourselves in sheet-metal fabrication and fastener-insertion work. To learn more about our metal-component manufacturing, contact Tusco at 740-263-6977, or reach out to our technicians via our convenient online form.