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Those words strike fear or excitement into the heart of a reader, don’t they?

“What if I quit my job, honey?”

“What if we buy instead of renting?”

“What if the doctor gives me bad news?”

As a business, we think in What If terms all of the time. What if we win this major account and need to add to the team? What if our largest client stops buying? What if the bank won’t loan us the funds to expand? What if we have a fire or a flood? What if we invest in this new piece of equipment?

We also participate in the What Ifs that our clients bring us.

“What if we give you the order today, Tusco? Can you deliver it fast enough?”

“What if we make the unit more compact, Tusco? Can we still get the merchandise on the display?”

“What if we can’t go above this budget, Tusco? Can you still accomplish what we need?”

What Ifs can be scary and paralyzing or they can drive you in creative directions, taking you beyond conventional thinking and in new, better directions.

It’s important to consider What If something goes wrong – that’s prudent. It’s equally vital to consider the flip side: “What if we go for it and it works?”

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