Metal Tube Fabrication at Tusco

Get to Know Our Full-Service Offerings

We’re a full-service precision sheet metal fabricator, which means we have the internal capabilities to make your fabricated assemblies complete from print to finish. This includes assemblies that involve formed metal tube and sheet metal components and those formed from aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel. We are a leader in fabricated tube assemblies, providing 3-dimensional tube bending, roll forming, tube piercing and tube end forming.


As a one-stop shop manufacturer, we form and bend metal tubes and extrusions. Our capabilities include the following:

General Tube Fabrication:

  • Precutting raw materials

  • Drilling/tube piercing

  • Secondary cutting

Tube Forming:

  • Mandrel bending

  • Roll forming

  • Swaging

  • Tube end forming


At Tusco, we employ the use of sophisticated robotic welders while also realizing that many projects call for a professional human skillset. Other manufacturers envy the welding experience we have in-house; we consider it a specialty and an art. We perform the following services:

  • MIG welding/GMAW

  • TIG welding/GTAW

  • Hardware insertion/AVK

  • Resistance/spot welding


Not only do we produce quality products (MFG ISO link), we also handle finishing in-house. We have an 800’ overhead conveyor system that uses both high solids liquid enamels and powder coating. Our powder coating process provides a durable finish to each part we create with a variety of colors, metallics and textures available. Powder coating builds more heavily and produces better-protected corners and ends. We also outsource chrome and zinc plating processes.