Metal Forming

Metal Forming and Bending

If you need just-in-time (JIT) delivery, you'll need a store fixture manufacturer who can form tubes and extrusions — be they round, square or rectangular — and bend them, too. Our nimble approach is perfectly suited to deliver the results you are looking for in the time frame you need.

What specifications cna our brake preses reach?

We use 13 brake presses that range from 15 tons to 225 tons, with bed lengths from 48” to 144”. Our hydraulic brake presses are CNC controlled and specially designed for fast, versatile and accurate material forming. They are also built to last.

Our brake presses boast a ram repeatability of +/-0.0004”. Our maximum bending capacity is 3” X .109 for round tube, 2” X .083 for square tube, and 2” for schedule 80 steel pipe, granting the flexibility necessary to tackle any design project that comes our way.

How do we deliver on our promise to be a nimble and reliable partner?

We know that building a working relationship with your display manufacturer is vital, especially when it comes to customer-facing materials. The displays your manufacturer builds for you directly impact your customers' shopping experience, the impression your brand makes and — most of all — your sales. You need a partner who can swiftly design, manufacture and deliver the right products to align with what your industry insights identify as the priority.

Here at Tusco, our metal-forming capabilities make us a one-stop shop for companies with display needs from design to final delivery. We are the rare store fixture manufacturer that can form and bend tubes and extrusions of varying shapes with reliability, consistency and rapid turnaround times.

Can we help you with your next display project?

We can meet tight display specifications, and our products are made to last, even through heavy traffic and handling. Our nimble execution is perfectly illustrated in being adept in both mechanical and hydraulic forming, as well as bending for fixtures.

Let's talk about our capabilities in terms of your specific needs. Call us at 740-263-6977  or submit the online form for us to follow up. We're here to help you learn more about metal forming at Tusco.