Design Engineering Prototyping

These three pillars; Design Engineering Prototyping, are the foundation to every custom point of purchase display project we do. We know that with retail environments, one size does NOT fit all. What works in Target doesn’t work in Kroger; what Lowes wants, Home Depot doesn’t. What sells product in a Dick’s Sporting Goods won’t work in an Office Depot. Tusco knows – we have permanent displays in virtually every type of store in North America.

Tusco’s experienced 3-D Design Engineers are adept at collaborating with clients to quickly and competently develop creative fixture solutions. They’re armed with the most sophisticated technology, including the finest Mechanical Design Automations (MDA) available. You receive a complete three-dimensional fixture design, along with its subsequent components, subassemblies and bills of materials. As modifications are made, the system ensures the complete compatibility of every intermeshing component.

Preliminary fixture concepts can be quickly and accurately refined, drawn and prototyped. Engineering and fabrication come together as all prototypes are built in-house under the close supervision of the Engineering Department and are generally built exactly as the subsequent production units.

Finally, Tusco also knows that reliably getting the units to the store on-time without damage and with every piece required is a must. Quick, seamless installation at the lowest cost in time and effort is a hallmark of Tusco design, engineering and execution.