Metal Tube Fabrication

Tusco is a full-service precision sheet metal fabricator. We have the internal capabilities to make your fabricated assemblies complete to print including finish. This also includes assemblies that involve formed metal tube and sheet metal components.

We are a leader in fabricated tube assemblies providing CNC tube bending, CNC ring rolling, tube fabrication and tube end forming.

The typical size of tube we work with is .5” OD to 2” OD. Wall thickness can range from 24 gauge to 10 gauge material. Shapes include round, square and rectangular.

We can fabricate metal tubes with a length up to 24 feet. Mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum are among the materials we use to produce the metal fabricated tubular components.

In rate instances, pipe may be preferred to tube for aesthetic reasons. What’s the difference?
The difference between tube and pipe:

Tube is typically measured by the outside dimension (OD) and is commonly used for fabricated assemblies.

Pipe is typically measured by the inside dimension (ID) and is mainly used in the distribution of gas and liquids.

Tusco supports customers through the entire process of design, prototype, production, and testing.

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