Our Unique Solution Keeps Manufacturing Humming

While other companies struggle with finding employees, we found a solution that is a win for everyone involved – including our customers.

Manufacturing is the backbone of our economy. But the challenge to find workers is putting additional strain on our economic infrastructure and adding to the country’s supply chain woes. Finding employees interested in manufacturing was a challenge pre-pandemic; Covid-19 has further exacerbated the gap. The solution for Tusco Manufacturing involves getting creative to plant a spark in an unlikely resource.

The lockdown in 2020 gave people time to reflect on what was important to them, and once busine...

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Does Your Sheet Metal Manufacturer Offer Warehousing and Distribution?
This is what you could be missing.

Most manufacturing requires some level of warehousing, whether it be for raw materials, work-in-process, or finished products. Maintaining and managing a large warehouse, however, adds significant costs. Vendor-managed inventory and warehousing, when done right, is one way you can reduce those costs without negatively impacting your business.

Automotive is just one industry example that has long used just-in-time inventory and management systems. These strategies align raw materials or component orders from suppliers directly with production schedules to increase efficiency and reduce was...

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In-house Packaging, Contract Packager, Or Is There Another Way?

Whether you realize it or not, how your sheet metal product is packaged is a critical element of its success. Damaged products from underpackaging or, conversely, excessive packaging waste from overpackaging can turn customers off. Those customers may share their experience with others, which can cost you sales.

If your product has a polished or painted surface that can easily be scratched, proper packaging is even more critical. When it comes to packaging, you typically have two choices: you can package it yourself or send it to a contract packager.

Impact of Packaging In-house

Packaging your own products may require higher upfro...

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Considerations for Onshoring: Finding the Right Sheet Metal Manufacturer

Current supply chain disruptions and backed-up ports have left many companies without needed components and products. It has also refueled the debate on whether or not American companies should onshore their sheet metal manufacturing.

Although many Americans feel strongly about “made in America” products, there are times when offshoring makes sense. What is important is that you compare costs, evaluate your risks and the additional costs associated with those risks, and know the level of risk you are willing to take on.

Here are some things to consider when choosing the right sheet metal manufacturer, whether ...

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At Tusco Display & Manufacturing, we are excited about the future of modern manufacturing! The industry continues to grow and innovate, as we welcome more creators into the field of manufacturing. On MFG Day 2021, we join with the National Association of Manufacturers in promoting the careers available in manufacturing by welcoming you into our facility to see some of our staff as they make modern manufacturing happen!

Tusco Display - Welcome to MFG Day 2021!

In-house Powder Coating Provides Customers Great Benefits

Powder coating traces its roots back to 1940s Germany when a fluid bed process was created to apply thermostatic resins. Modern electrostatic processing of powder coating, however, didn't make its debut until the 1960s. Today, powder coating is preferred over wet painting for its many benefits. Contract metal manufacturers that offer in-house powder coating provide even more significant benefits to their customers.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coatings contain a mixture of polymer resins, pigments, curative additives, leveling agents, and flow modifiers that are melted together, cooled, and then ground into a powder that will be used t...

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Welding, MIG, TIG, Resistance, Wire Grid

Manual and Robotic

Tusco is staffed with qualified welders and precision fabricators to handle your welding needs for any sheet metal, tubing metal, and/or wire fabrication project. We offer a complete range of welding fabrication processes including MIG (four stations up to 400 amp), TIG (three stations up to 250 amp), resistance spot welding, and grid welding from 12 gauge to 5/16” diameter wire. With the assistance of our three precision CNC programmable MIG welding cells, we can provide excellent consistency and repeatability with significant cost savings and higher accuracy for the longer runs.

Metal Inert Gas (MIG welding)

This welding fabrica...

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At Tusco, we offer riveting and hardware insertion services to make sure components properly fit together during assembly. In our industry, structural integrity is fundamental. We insert a variety of fasteners, including rivets, nuts, washers, lock washers, clinch press-in fasteners, rivet nuts, panel fasteners and other specialty technical-fastening hardware. We also provide sheet-metal fabrication services, including design and prototyping, welding, cutting, forming, powder coating and finishing.

The Perfect Fit, Built to Last

When our team members fasten components together, their attention to detail is precise. The parts we work with have to be joined correctly so items don’t loosen ...

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Tusco is a full-service precision sheet metal fabricator. We have the internal capabilities to make your fabricated assemblies complete to print including finish. This also includes assemblies that involve formed metal tube and sheet metal components.

We are a leader in fabricated tube assemblies providing CNC tube bending, CNC ring rolling, tube fabrication and tube end forming.

The typical size of tube we work with is .5” OD to 2” OD. Wall thickness can range from 24 gauge to 10 gauge material. Shapes include round, square and rectangular.

We can fabricate metal tubes with a length up to 24 feet. Mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum are among the materials we use to produce t...

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Tusco is a leader in the precision sheet metal fabrication market and one of the things that make us unique is what we do beyond fabricating. We also do wire harness and cable assemblies under our UL48 certification. We have the capability to work with the new high technology components and cross-market applications. We have the industry experience and product capabilities to master the challenges of today’s requirements.

We handle all aspects of product manufacturing and procurement. This includes crimping, cutting, soldering, stripping and several options for part marking. There is 100% electronic inspection including continuity and high voltage testing. Our harness features include b...

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