In-house Packaging, Contract Packager, Or Is There Another Way?

Whether you realize it or not, how your sheet metal product is packaged is a critical element of its success. Damaged products from underpackaging or, conversely, excessive packaging waste from overpackaging can turn customers off. Those customers may share their experience with others, which can cost you sales.

If your product has a polished or painted surface that can easily be scratched, proper packaging is even more critical. When it comes to packaging, you typically have two choices: you can package it yourself or send it to a contract packager.

Impact of Packaging In-house

Packaging your own products may require higher upfro...

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Considerations for Onshoring: Finding the Right Sheet Metal Manufacturer

Current supply chain disruptions and backed-up ports have left many companies without needed components and products. It has also refueled the debate on whether or not American companies should onshore their sheet metal manufacturing.

Although many Americans feel strongly about “made in America” products, there are times when offshoring makes sense. What is important is that you compare costs, evaluate your risks and the additional costs associated with those risks, and know the level of risk you are willing to take on.

Here are some things to consider when choosing the right sheet metal manufacturer, whether ...

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