Welding, MIG, TIG, Resistance, Wire Grid

Manual and Robotic

Tusco is staffed with qualified welders and precision fabricators to handle your welding needs for any sheet metal, tubing metal, and/or wire fabrication project. We offer a complete range of welding fabrication processes including MIG (four stations up to 400 amp), TIG (three stations up to 250 amp), resistance spot welding, and grid welding from 12 gauge to 5/16” diameter wire. With the assistance of our three precision CNC programmable MIG welding cells, we can provide excellent consistency and repeatability with significant cost savings and higher accuracy for the longer runs.

Metal Inert Gas (MIG welding)

This welding fabrication type is our most widely used means of fusing mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum components. With four manual MIG welding st...

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At Tusco, we offer riveting and hardware insertion services to make sure components properly fit together during assembly. In our industry, structural integrity is fundamental. We insert a variety of fasteners, including rivets, nuts, washers, lock washers, clinch press-in fasteners, rivet nuts, panel fasteners and other specialty technical-fastening hardware. We also provide sheet-metal fabrication services, including design and prototyping, welding, cutting, forming, powder coating and finishing.

The Perfect Fit, Built to Last

When our team members fasten components together, their attention to detail is precise. The parts we work with have to be joined correctly so items don’t loosen during use or operation. And no matter the size of the order, we are intentio...

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Tusco is a full-service precision sheet metal fabricator. We have the internal capabilities to make your fabricated assemblies complete to print including finish. This also includes assemblies that involve formed metal tube and sheet metal components.

We are a leader in fabricated tube assemblies providing CNC tube bending, CNC ring rolling, tube fabrication and tube end forming.

The typical size of tube we work with is .5” OD to 2” OD. Wall thickness can range from 24 gauge to 10 gauge material. Shapes include round, square and rectangular.

We can fabricate metal tubes with a length up to 24 feet. Mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum are among the materials we use to produce the metal fabricated tubular components.

In rate ...

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Tusco is a leader in the precision sheet metal fabrication market and one of the things that make us unique is what we do beyond fabricating. We also do wire harness and cable assemblies under our UL48 certification. We have the capability to work with the new high technology components and cross-market applications. We have the industry experience and product capabilities to master the challenges of today’s requirements.We handle all aspects of product manufacturing and procurement. This includes crimping, cutting, soldering, stripping and several options for part marking. There is 100% electronic inspection including continuity and high voltage testing. Our harness features include both fabric and metal braiding, as well as heat,...

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